Thursday, May 10, 2012

This Just In... A Mr. Rogers Update

The Blog accidentally ran across spent days and nights of hard hitting investigation to discover the true story of the "Mr. Rogers flips Mr. Bird" photo.

The truth isn't pretty, my bloglitts. But, like so much truth, this truth is not what it appears to be.

The Blog's eye was caught by the following photo, clearly taken seconds before or after the original pic that was shared here three nights ago. And, this lacks the mischievous whimsey of the original.

                                      "Seriously. Who writes this shit? Fuck the writers and the producers!"
Man, he looks pissed!

Okay. Fun's over. None of this is really what it looks like. (Well, most of it isn't.)

Yesterday, one of The Blog's favorite humor websites,, posted a column by David Wong called, "14 Photographs That Shatter Your Image of Famous People."

And there it was. The true story.

In an early (and by "early" The Blog means, "In black and white") episode of "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood," the Reverend Fred "Mr." Rogers led a group of kids in a sing-a-long of a song that The Blog, reaching back several centuries to his own childhood, remembers as "Where is Thumbkin?"

When Mr. R got to "Where is Tall Man?" the middle fingers went up.

And that is the story.

Man, that's disappointingly boring.

Or... is it?

Because... There is still the matter of the goofy grin.

That grin occurred barely seconds into the "Tall Man" verse.

Some have theorized, (and The Blog would like to believe that it's true) that Mr. Rogers suddenly realized what he was doing and struggled, not entirely successfully, to keep a straight face and get through the verse as fast as possible.

In order to be fair, The Blog will now share the YouTube video that gives you the whole thing in context.
The Blog reports. You decide.

And, whatever you decide...

The Blog still thinks that Mr. Rogers has some explaining to do on the subject of ....
                                                                      Mr. McFeely.

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