Monday, May 21, 2012

It's Over James. It's Over.

This week, internet "journalist" (in the sense of "convicted felon, shithead, video blogger") James O'Keefe posted his "proof" of "massive voter fraud" got royally "pwned" (as the kids say today.)

Which raises the question, "Why didn't this parasite die with his host Andrew Breitbart?"

The Blog doesn't have an answer for that question, beyond the theory that cockroaches will survive Armageddon.

Much like Al Queda, the Pimp Daddy of right-wing propagandists, O'Keefe, had one spectacularly successful take down of his enemy, followed by numerous, lame ass attempts that failed, hilariously.

Yesterday's attempt was debunked so fast that "The Flash" is wondering, "WTF just happened?"

Here's the story.

Give it up Jimbo. Even the people you think that you are fighting for have given up on you.

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