Friday, January 4, 2013

A Review, Of Sorts

The Blog loves Disney cartoons.

In spite of himself.

Princesses (or would be princesses) waiting for their princes to come.

Honestly, that shit has done more damage to feminism in general, and male/female relationship expectations, specifically, than all of the right-wing, evangelical propaganda combined.

But, he still loves the stuff.

                                                      The Blog also likes "2 Broke Girls" even though, he knows, 
                                                                with every fiber of his being, that he shouldn't.

 The Blog really loves Disney/Pixar cartoons.

*A confession...

 The ending of "Toy Story 3" left The Blog sobbing like a baby.


End confession.*

                                                    This is kind of sick. But, as a Batman fan, The Blog likes it!"

"Monsters, Inc." is one of The PC's favorites.

                                                                              It is now in theaters in 3D!
"Let's go see 'Monsters, Inc.' in 3D," The Blog said to Mrs. Blog.

"Let's go up to Hollywood and see it at The El Capitain Theater, like we did when The Blog Jr. was young!" The Blog said.

So, we did.

We made the drive to Hollywood Blvd.

(Caught a glimpse of Helen Mirren's "Walk of Fame" star ceremony on the way. The Blog loves Helen Mirren! But, could only see the crowd of fans with their iPhones in the air, taking pictures of the event.)

We paid $15 to park.

We paid $23 a ticket for VIP seats. (Small popcorn and drink included.)

We got there stupid early, so we paid another $40 for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.

We took our seats in the theater.

Then moved our seats to better, non-VIP seats.

We endured the "Holiday Pre-Show."

WTF, El Capitain?

The pipe organ has been replaced by pre-recorded music.

Your pre-shows used to be Broadway worthy. This one was a lounge singer accompanied by "cast members" in Mike and Sully costumes.

Are Mickey, Minnie, Belle and Beast, Aladdin and Jasmine too expensive to include in your holiday shows, now?

They still have the best popcorn in any theater, anywhere. Orville Redenbacher and real butter.

So, there is that.

The movie started.

As wonderfully funny and heartwarming as The blog remembered.

The 3D rendering was beautiful.

And then, it happened...

                                                            The "door vault" scene.

The very 3D scene that The PC was looking forward to, the most.

Because, holy shit! That scene was designed to be shown in 3D!

*Another confession...

 Your Old Uncle PC is cripplingly acrophobic.

 That is, afraid of heights.

*End confession.*

 And, while being in the front row of a theater balcony is difficult for The Blog, He
 manages. Once he makes it down the steps to his seat, he is okay.

But, back to the "door vault" scene.

                                                                                          This one.

The Blog had a full blown, white knuckled, panic attack.

 In spectacular 3D.

And, of course, if you have seen "Monsters, Inc." you know that your Uncle PC got a little teary at the end. Because, it is that kind of story.

Not "Toy Story 3" emotional, but a little weepy, none the less.

Mrs. Blog never noticed.

That is the way The Blog prefers it, except that, The PC then got to drive home via Los Angeles' elevated freeway system.

Feeling a little freaky about things up high. And still a little bit wet eyed about Sully, Mike and Boo.

That will give The Blog's therapist a thing or two to fix, in the coming weeks!

But, to the review...

A movie that has always been awesome. Made more awesome by 3D technology.

And, look closely for a "Finding Nemo" reference in a movie that was made two years before "Nemo" was released.

Do check it out.

But, if you are acrophobic, just be warned!


  1. After your vivid description, I discovered that - while I, too, am acrophobic, especially in balconies and big staduims - I am also acroscriptophobic! That means "one who becomes woozy when reading a description of an acrophoic experience." Look it up. (Actually don't, because I just made it up. But seriously, ugh!)

    And how disappointing that the El Capitain experience has become so blah. Those were some fun, if a little dizzying, times back in the day. Seems to illustrate well your point on the Comfortably Numb posts.

    1. The Blog hears you, and feels your pain!

      The pre-show was not what it once was.

      The most entertaining part was watching the Mike and Sully characters, who you know, can't see for shit in those costumes, bump, awkwardly, into each other, while wondering if either one of them would fall off the edge of the stage. (They didn't.)