Friday, January 11, 2013

Another School Shooting

Today's CNN report about VP Joe Biden's meeting with the pro-gun fetishists lobbyists to discuss sane solutions to gun violence, was interrupted by the "breaking news" that a student at a high school in rural Troy, CA (Just north of Los Angeles, just south of Bakersfield) shot a student and a teacher, (one critically wounded, the other dead,) this morning.

Read the story here.

The school (Troy Union High School) has a full time, armed Sheriff's deputy on duty.

The young shooter, according to reports, was using a non-assalt rifle, but had 20 rounds in his pocket.

He was not stopped by the armed law enforcement agent, but rather, talked down by the unarmed faculty member that he had just shot.

Irony, much?

Fuck! The Blog is tired of talking about gun violence!

But, it just keeps on coming.

Can we, please, have a sane conversation about ending gun violence?



The Blog would really rather talk about how much he loves "Once Upon a Time."

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