Sunday, January 6, 2013

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

After watching "The Dark Knight Rises" for the third time, on DVD (after two viewings in theaters) it occurs to The Blog that he has never followed up on his post from last spring about the various actresses who have portrayed the feline villiainess/anti-hero.

That was the post where The Blog predicted that Ms Hathaway would be...

I quote myself...


Not to make excuses, but that first week of the movie's release, the week that your Uncle PC first saw the movie, we were all distracted by the madman with assault weapons and body armor (and an apartment so booby trapped with explosives that, The Blog understands, they are still cataloging the evidence in that case) who shot up a movie theater in Aurora, CO on the film's opening night.

Since The PC is still a bit spent from last night's rant, (no comments, here or on Facebook, from any of his Republican friends. Interesting.) I thought I would jump in tonight with my thoughts on the subject of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle.

Two words...

                                                                                   Fucking Awesome!As I expected, The Brothers Nolan, Christopher and Jonathan, delivered another tour-de-force with there final "Dark Knight" film.

And the amazingly talented Anne Hathaway has given us the definitive Catwoman.

There has been talk of Oscar™ potential for the film.

It would be deserved, but I won't hold my breath.

*An Aside*

The Nolan take on Bane was excellent.

Almost as "crap your pants scary" as their Joker.


**SPOILER ALERT (sort of)**

The Nolans have done such an amazing jog of reinventing Batman villains that they pulled off a "surprise twist" near the end of "TDKR" that any Batman geek, like me, should have seen it coming from a mile away. But we didn't!

*End Aside*

But back to Anne...

The Blog has been an Anne Hathaway fan since her younger days as an awkward princess in the Disney/Gary Marshall "Princess Diaries" movies.

So, The Blog is not surprised at how good she was here.

The serious Oscar™ talk about Anne has been for her work in "Les Miserables."

Even the critics who have hated the movie think that she should take "Best Supporting Actress."

The Blog has not yet seen the movie.

Based on the reviews, he is not sure that he wants to.

By the magic of being a Hollywood employee, The PC has, in his possession, a screener DVD of the film.

While watching it on his 27 inch, standard definition TV may not be the ideal way to see it, he gathers that having a "fast forward" button in his hand may improve the viewing experience.

We will see.

But, yeah.

Anne knocked her Catwoman portrayal out of the park.

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