Friday, January 25, 2013

Who Did Not See This Coming?

If The Blog was inclined to make New Year's Resolutions, (which, he is not) his resolution would be to avoid arguing politics with his right-wing friends on Facebook.

The PC will make that resolution.

He will hold his tongue on Facebook, then move over to The Blog's blog to address his friends ideological stupidity.

Not 24 hours after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified before the kangaroo court made up of a whole ass-load of angry, white men, the right-wing spin machine has gone "Code Red" and given their own interpretation of of what went down.

More disappointing, but not surprising, has been the reaction of The Blog's republican friends, who NEVER watch Fox "News" or listen to the pundits, but "think for [themselves]."

Unlike his conservative friends, The Blog actually watched the hearing.

Secretary Clinton handed this bunch of grandstanding dick-heads their asses.

Succinctly and factually.

Anyone who actually knows recent world history, knows that American embassies have endured far worse attacks than the one on Benghazi, most of them under the watch of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

Last night, The Blog posted this on Facebook...

A conservative friend responded, thusly...

I don't believe the circumstances are the same. I don't recall this coming after repeated pleas for more security and I don't recall pleas for help during the attack were denied. And.....I don't recall them blaming a movie for any of it. We can't control terrorists attacking embassies or, anything else, for that matter. We can control how we handle the situation.

She "doesn't recall" because, more than likely, back in those days, she wasn't paying attention.

Whatever happened on Dubbya's watch, including the attack on the World Trade Center, was someone else's fault.

She has drunk the Kool-Aid and lapped up the propaganda.

The fact is, the worst embassy attack in American history occurred in 1983 in Beirut, Lebanon, when Reagan was president. 63 Americans died in that attack.

But, I guess, that was different.


Secretary Clinton held her own, admirably, against the like of TeaPublican Rand Paul, who put this image into our heads...


It was all going so well.

Until this happened.

Sec. Clinton asked, "What, at this point, difference does it make?"

Oh shit!

The Blog heard it and thought, "Why did she have to ask that, in that way?"

The Blog immediately recognized that she just provided the right-wing chatterers with a ten second sound bite that they could exploit, out of context.

And exploit it they did!

After hours of questions and testimony, this is the only thing that The Blog's right-wing, free thinking, never listen to the right-wing radio talkers, or Fox "News," friends came away with...

What an amazing pile of steaming bovine excrement!

The Blog wonders when his "conservative" friends will finally get tired of being lied to by the corporate media.

The Blog won't hold his breath.

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