Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Taking a Break. But, Just One Thought

The Blog is coming up on one year of blogging.

January 31st will be the first anniversary of "The Premature Curmudgeon" blog.

"Time flies when you're having fun," they say.

And, "They" are right.

The Blog will get weepy, on the night of the anniversary, about the amazing, worldwide readership that The Blog's "stats" counter has kept him apprised of.

But, not tonight.

Tonight, just one, clear-eyed observation...

One of the things that the PC has, unexpectedly, enjoyed most about blogging, has been finding the graphics that he has found to illustrate his posts, via Google Image Search.

A small handful of the graphics on the blog were put together by me, thanks to the magic of Photoshop™.

But, the majority of them were born, fully formed, from a simple Google search.

The Blog had this epiphany last night, when he found an actual can of bat shit.

                                                                        Because, who would have thought?

And, rest assured, The Blog has saved that image and will use it many times in the future, whenever someone opens a "can of bat shit."

                                                                                   So, a big "tip o' the hat"

To Google Images from The Blog for all of the awesome images that they have supplied!


One more thing....

A quick plug...

Tomorrow night, Jan 16, 10:00 PM / 9:00 PM central.

The premier of "Fix My Family," on We tv. (Check your cable listings.)

Starring Dr. Tara Fields (and featuring *ahem* my make-up.) 

Dr. Tara tackles the problems of eight families that have gone way past the point of disfunction. (The network's tagline... "Some families are broken. These are shattered.")

If you love my other shows, ("Dr. Phil" and "The Doctors,") then "Fix My Family" is right up your alley!

I'm not just plugging this because I worked on it.

I am plugging it because it is a project that I am proud to have been a part of.

The Blog says, "Check it out!"

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