Friday, January 25, 2013

Ted. We Knew You When.

I remember a time when Ted Nugent was opposed to guns.

An assault rifle wasn't "sportsmanlike," when hunting game.

He was all about the bow and arrow.

To this day, he ends his concert shows by shooting the shit out of a guitar with a compound bow.

So, what the fuck happened?

Why is he, now, so all about gun rights?

A paycheck from the NRA, is my guess.

Because, in the year of 2013, no one is paying to download "Wang Bang, Sweet Poon Tang" or his peon to pedophilia, "Jail Bait."

That is my guess.

Fuck, Ted!

Your screaming guitar riffs on the likes of "Cat Scratch Fever" enjoy a prominent place on my iPod shuffle.

You are a rock god.

But you are no longer relevant,

Today, you are just an asshole.

Live with it.

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