Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Compelling Argument

So, The PC learned, today, that tomorrow, he will be running into an actress that he has had a mad crush on since he was a mere blogling.

                                                  This was the first time that the young PC ever laid eyes on her 
                                                             and was, forever, smitten. Do you recognize her?
                                                               *HINT* It's not Susan Dey or Shirley Jones. 
                                                              (Although, he has mad crushes on them, too.)

When I reacted to the news with a bit too much enthusiasm, my friend and colleague leaned in and whispered, "You know, she's... um... on the other team."

To which I replied, "Yeah. That's never been a problem for me."

Which gave The Blog the perfect opening to share something that he wanted to share last night, but couldn't figure out a good way to open the post.

And, viola! There it is.


The Blog has known a lot of lesbians in his lifetime. Many in his "gay adjacent" career. Quite a few going all the way back to junior high school. (Although, at that point, it took adulthood and hindsight to realize, "Ohhhhhh! Right!!!")

The PC counts many of them as dear friends. He adores them and they, it turns out, are often pretty fond of him.

The Blog has always felt kind of honored by that.

Which brings me to a video that was shared with The Blog yesterday.

After being pretty much underwhelmed by the "comedy" of most of last weekend's Super Bowl ads, this on line Public Service Announcement made The Blog laugh his skinny ass off.

All four times that he watched it.

While, maybe, a bit of an ad absurdum argument, there is a whole lot of truth here, and a whole lot of funny.

And it presents a compelling argument for why straight women should support "same sex" marriage.

It probably goes without saying, but this video, like pretty much everything else on this blog, is NSFW!

                                                                    Watch it here.

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