Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Wrap Up XLVII

To be clear, The Blog doesn't have much interest in football.

No, That is an exaggeration.

The Blog has less than zero interest in football.

But, he watches the Super Bowl every year.

That is also and exaggeration.

The Blog turns the TV on, picks up some reading material, and half-watches the game. Pausing from his reading to watch the commercials and, occasionally, the half-time show.

And, traditionally, after half-time, he falls asleep.

But the Tivo™ was set, and The PC will play catch up on what he missed over the next couple of days.

But, here is what The Blog knows about Super Bowl XLVII, so far.

He knows that his grasp of Roman numerals ends at about XX.

He knows that the Ravens spent the first half of the game handing the '9ers their asses.


The PC likes Beyoncé. He's not a "fan" per se, but he has a few of her songs on his iPod™ and thinks that she is stunningly beautiful to look at.

Therefore, after several years of disappointing half-time shows, The PC actually watched this one.

And, it was pretty good.

While I thought that the pacing of the show was a bit off, pretty much everything else about it added up to the best produced, slickest half-time show in years.

When The PC heard that Beyoncé was going to do the half-time show, and reunite Destiny's Child, to boot, The PC thought it was an odd choice for a male dominated audience.

It turns out, it wasn't.

Beyoncé brought her girl woman power vibe for the estimated 51 million female viewers, while bringing more eye candy than a Victoria's Secret fashion show for the other 100 million male viewers.

And not just eye candy. Talented eye candy!

Did you get a load of that all female band and dancers.


The Blog admits that the video screen trickery made his eyes cross and wonder, "What the fuck am I seeing here?"

But, the show's pyrotechnics must have made Gene Simmons envious.

Some of my Facebook peeps said that they thought that Bane had just hit the field.

Pretty awesome.


Or was it?

As I said earlier, I only paid half attention to the game, itself. So, when half the stadium went dark and the blatherers in the booth suddenly went silent; much like the game a decade ago, when Janet Jackson's right breast was briefly, flashed to the audience; my reaction was, "Wait! What just happened here?"

Did Beyoncé trip a circuit breaker?

The Superdome is in Louisiana. A Republican governor and a third world infrastructure.

Is anyone really surprised that the power went out?

A bunch of people with money were in the Superdome when the power went out.

So, now people care.

CBS scrambled to fill time, while they got the power back up. Nearly 30 minutes.

That was kind of fun to watch.

Finally, *GAME BACK ON*

Which was The PC's cue to fall asleep.

The Blog knows that The '9ers rallied, but The Ravens still won.

Yes, it took moving from Cleveland and changing their name for The Browns to finally win a Super Bowl.

Enough about the game.

On to the important part.

The commercials.

As I have already pointed out, I was unconscious for most of the second half.

So, I can only comment on the commercials that I saw.

An *UPDATE* might follow in the next day or so.

From what The Blog saw of this year's commercials, the dominant theme this year seems to have been "The Triumph of the Nerds." has long been notorious for their controversial, over sexed ads.

In the last few years, seemed to have jumped the shark.

This year, they got their groove back.

Super model Bar Refaeli swaps saliva with uber-nerd "Walter."

Kind of uncomfortable, but, kind of awesome.

The Blog's favorite, so far...


Ferris Bueller meets James Bond meets "Revenge of the Nerds."

The Blog gives this ad "two thumbs up."

I think that we can attribute the Nerd Revolution to...

These guys and gals.

Here is a commercial that combines Nerd Cool with Meatloaf.

In The Blog's not so humble opinion, any commercial that co-opts a Meatloaf power ballad is instant comedy gold.

My "Tear Jerker of the Game" award goes, as always, to Budweiser's Clydesdale spot.

That's it for tonight.

If, upon viewing the rest of the game in the next few days, I find any more gems, I will share them with you. 

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