Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Model Kisses a Nerd

Last night, while summing up his impressions of the Super Bowl commercial line up, The PC made a "from the gut" comment about's supermodel/nerd kiss, without employing any effort at his self-valued "critical thought."

"Kind of uncomfortable, but, kind of awesome." I said.

Okay, The Blog did say that it was, "kind of awesome."

Does that let me off the hook, a little bit?

I don't know.

In the aftermath of the commercial's airing, the blogosphere and social media have been abuzz, using words like "gross," "disgusting," and "disturbing."

The Blog has had the whole day to ruminate on this.

And, his ruminations have given him pause.

What is it about this ad that has so many people throwing up in their mouths, a little bit?

After all. people kiss, long and slow, on television and in movies, all the time.

The Blog named the Audi "Prom" commercial his favorite of the night.

It featured a nerd, (albeit, a handsome nerd) in a similar kiss with the prettiest girl in school, that bordered on sexual assault.

Didn't bother The Blog, at all.

Just last week, on "New Girl," good looking nerds Jess and Nick shared a steamy kiss that left "New Girl" fans saying, "Finally!"

*Full Disclosure*

The PC is a nerd. Always has been. Always will be. A cute nerd, granted. But, a comic book and action figure collecting, trivia spouting, bald, tubby, bad at sports, good at art, nerd.

So, anytime a nerd comes out on top, this nerd should (and generally does) celebrate.

*End Disclosure*

So, what is it about the GoDaddy ad that has caused such a viscerally negative response? Even from yours truly?

Some have claimed that it wasn't so much that she was hot and he wasn't. But, rather, it was the slobbery sounds that they found repulsive.

(For the record, those sounds were, most certainly, added by a sound editor, after the fact.)

Some say that it was because nerdy character actor Jesse Heiman has waxed poetic about the more than 45 takes, before it was just right.

The Blog calls bullshit.

The reason is simply this...

We, as a society, as humans, are hard wired to enjoy watching beautiful people (by societal standards) get it on with each other. Or... do anything else, for that matter.

Unattractive people, we don't want to see.

Even if we, ourselves, are not so hot.

And, beautiful people with unattractive people?

Forget about it!

That is just an abomination against nature.

It is a stupid attitude.

But, it's just the way we are.

This is nothing new.

Just look at recent history.

When the title characters of "Mike & Molly" kissed, and later, ended up in bed together, the blogosphere went insane.

"No one wants to see fat people kissing," they said.

The PC is not going to drive traffic to those blogs. But, if you need proof, just Google "Mike & Molly kissing."

But, I don't recommend it. Not if you don't want to see the ugliest side of humanity.

For the record, The Blog thinks that "Mike & Molly's" Melissa McCarthy (who, by the way, is the cousin of "classically hot," but nowhere near as funny or talented, Playboy Playmate of the Year turned "comedic actress" Jenny McCarthy) is pretty damned gorgeous. Overweight or not.

Okay. I have gotten that off my chest.

I feel a bit better now.

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