Friday, February 1, 2013

One Year

Well, here we are.

One year ago tonight, your humble Uncle PC, in a mild scotch and nicotine fog, dove feet first into the blogosphere.

His only expectation was to amuse himself and five or six friends by putting into text the sort of ranting and raving about the absurdities of the world that had been humming around in his brain and occasionally performed live and out loud for that handful of friends.

Just a chance to vent and rage and pontificate.

And, if it worked at all, maybe make a few people laugh and, sometimes even, think.

One year, 235 posts. (Tonight makes 236.)

But, along the way, something unexpected happened.


When you, my loyal blogglitts, drop by to visit, you see The Blog's latest post. Some of you comment. (Thank you!) But those posts are only the tip of the iceberg.

When The PC signs in, he is treated to pages of statistics about the "what, where and how" of the people who come by.

 "What, where and how" being "What posts did you read?" "Where do you live? (what country, not your actual street address,) and "How do you access the blog? (Mac or PC? Smart phone or tablet? Firefox, IE or Chrome, etc.?)

*End Digression*

Things were pretty quiet for a while.

Then, a few months in, the stats The PC was seeing started to blow his mind!

Daily "pageviews" went from single digits to double digits to triple digits.

And then, there is the breakdown of views by country.

Holy shit!!!

You know what? Let me just show you the breakdown of the top ten countries and total pageviews for the year...

USA              6435

UK                  554

Canada           406

Russia             316

Germany         211

Ukraine          134

Taiwan           124

France            121

Australia        108

Latvia               85

Yes! Latvia!

The mind boggles!

While The PC wound up posting a whole lot more about United States politics than he had really intended, (but, because the purpose of this blog was to give The Blog a place to go on about absurdity, politics was just a natural topic,) we also covered everything from television, film and theater, to heart warming news stories and Mrs. Blog's visits to the E.R.

And, of course, guns and fried chicken sandwiches.

So, what have my bloglitts from all over the world been most interested in?

Here are the top five posts viewed, as of tonight...

1.) Willard's Endorsements    1312
 ... a commentary on the, um, interesting collection of porn stars, rock stars and celebrity train wrecks who came out for Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential race.

2.) Catwoman        1125

3.) What went Wrong With the Catwoman Movie?  703
...the blogosphere seems to like Catwoman posts, even the ones about a movie that came out years ago.
4.) "I Woke Up in a Great Mood..."             238
... a blood drenched account of Mrs. Blog's first ambulance ride. 

5.) Hollywood and The Blog's Nostalgia (For Real...) 178

...The Blog's mourning the discovery that the television shows that he loved as a kid actually sucked.

To sum up the numbers...

As of tonight, The Blog's one year anniversary...

The Blog's blog has been visited a grand total of 10,040 times.



A couple of nights ago, The PC said that, tonight, we are going to party.

That may have been a bit of an exaggeration.

This is a blog.

So, unless you have your own supply of balloons, snacks, and an adult beverage of your choice, this is pretty much it.

Did you bring presents?

Probably not.

That's okay. I should have registered somewhere.

But, it's not too late!

Here are a few things on The PC's wish list...

A comment on this post would be awesome! Just say "Hi" and tell me where you are from.

Signing up as a "follower/member" if you haven't already would be great!

Sharing the blog with your friends always fits!

The party has to wind down now, for tonight.

You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.

(Unless you want to waste spend some time visiting The Blog's archives. In which case, make yourself comfortable and enjoy.)

But, the party(ish) isn't quite over.

Tomorrow night, The PC has some presents for you!

Tomorrow night, The Premature Curmudgeon will take a page from Oprah's playbook and share a few of "The Blog's Favorite Things."

I'll see you then! 

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