Thursday, February 14, 2013

About Last Night (Updated)

The Blog has been informed by numerous assholier-than-thou Republicans that making fun of Marco Rubio''s "Water-gate" moment was petty.


Yes it was petty.

Because that is what this blog is for.

The PC gets his ya-yas out, here in this blog.

Petty shit is for the blog. Deep shit is for Facebook.

This is, MY blog, I might point out.


I make the rules.

Because it is.....

MY blog.

If you don't like what The Blog is cooking, go somewhere else.

Go enjoy some "LOLCats."

I do.

It is true. Making fun of Rubio's cotton mouth is petty.

Just like making fun of the President's use of a tele-prompter, which every president since the tele-prompter was invented (LBJ or Nixon, I'm thinking) has used, is petty. (Not to mention, stupid.)

The truth is, The Blog has no issue with Rubio's taking a drink of water.

It's just that it was awkward and showed a lack of planning.

(Why wasn't that water bottle closer to him, while he was speaking?)

No, it was the three minutes or so before he broke down and, awkwardly took that drink.

His tongue got thick, making it difficult to speak.

Marco's hand began to explore his face.

Not just dry mouth, but flop sweat.

Rubio's hands traveled all over his face.

The PC was watching it go down live.

The PC thought, "Wow! his mouth is getting dry. "The Republican Saviour" is channeling a High School "C student' in speech class."

And then, this happened...

The Blog saw a better series of graphics, earlier today, showing the chronology of the dry mouth, hand around the mouth, tongue stuck out, finished with a sort of grabbing/ wiping of the tongue, before he broke down and took a drink of water. He can't find that post now.

But, above is a screen shot that gets the message across.

But, that is enough of Marco Rubio (who makes The PC want to change his political affiliation to Republican, just so he can vote to make him the 2016 Republican candidate.)

Let's move on....

As we have established, The President gave his State of the Union speech, last night.

The right-wing, the conservatives, The Tea Party, the Republicans, and Rush Limbaugh reacted as predicted.

For the sake of argument, lets choose a single point from last night's SOTU address....

The topic is Mortgage bankers, refinancing and first time buyers.

What Obama said...

"Democrats and Republicans have supported it before, so what are we waiting for? Take a vote, and send me that bill. Why would we be against that? Why would that be a partisan issue, helping folks refinance? Right now, overlapping regulations keep responsible young families from buying their first home. What’s holding us back?"

What Republicans heard...

Who did have something to say about homeownership for "low income families?".

George W. Bush.

Here I go, doing people's homework for them, again.

You're welcome.

So seriously.

Here are a few inconvenient facts.

I love my Republican friends, really, i do.

But, truly, they have no interest in bipartisan conversation.

And, just to prove that Republicans are irony deficient.

Today, The, posted this story...

A  conservative, Latino-American friend responded to The Onion's story, thusly...

"So a Latino that doesn't pull the party line is a dancing monkey? Yes this Liberal news rag isn't racist."

What an idiot.

The, as anyone who's head is not firmly implanted up their rectums knows, is not a "Liberal Rag" but, rather a satire publication.

But, satire, as well as sarcasm and irony are lost on "conservatives,"

So sad.

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