Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The State of the Union

In the shadow of the breaking news that rogue LAPD cop and unhinged whistle-blower Chris Dorner may or may not have burned to a crisp in a cabin fire that, thanks to a media black-out, may or may not have been accidental...

*Note to my Republican friends who, after a decade, still whine about the Branch Davidian firestorm being "tyrannical, government overreach..."

Fuck you.*

The "Un-American, Kenyan, Marxist, Maoist, Nazi, Socialist, Nigger in the Whitehouse," President Barak HUSSEIN Obama, delivered his fifth State of the Union address.

This "lefty" thought it was a pretty good speech.

No real surprises.

The economy. Immigration reform. Ending Bush's war in Afghanistan.

Everyone gave a standing ovation for the 102 year old lady who stood in line to vote in Florida for 3, 5, 8 hours, depending on whose report is most accurate.

But, seriously, 3 hours or 8 hours. What kind of asshole would quibble about this, when talking about a 102 year old woman?

Except, of course, for the Orange One, John Boehner, who couldn't be bothered to stand for her ovation.


Then there was the young lady, a high school cheerleader, murdered by gun not two weeks after her performance at the President's inauguration.

How dare B. HUSSEIN Obama, politicize this?!?!?

Like Dubbya didn't surround himself with children, soldiers or any other human props or costumes (Cod piece, anyone?) that served his purpose.

So, really, shut the fuck up.

At this point, again, Boner Boehner remained seated, while looking seriously uncomfortable.

And orange.

The Blog missed the first 45 minutes or so of the address.

He will catch up, later.

But, as far as The PC has been able to ascertain. the Obama loving, lefty, hippy, liberal, multi-national corporate media, did an excellent job of ignoring....

                                                                     This asshole.

The Blog expects that, by tomorrow morning, he will be graced with the true patriotic American, AM radio, Fox "News," "World Net Daily" coverage of "The Nuge's" verbal diarrhea.

Can't fucking wait.

So, the address. Great, good, fine.

Moving on...

...To Marco Rubio's Republican response.

Every time The Blog sees Rubio speak he thinks, "Wow! Marco is the dreamiest candidate for class president, ever. *sigh*"

Rubio claims to be "Cuban-American."

Okay. Fine.

But, really?

Marco Rubio is about as Latino as Richie Cunningham.



A few years ago, The Blog used the term "African-American" to describe a, well, African-American.

Some yahoo in the chatroom that The Blog was in responded, "You mean American-African."

But, no. He didn't mean that at all. Transposing the words changes the meaning, entirely. The Blog is pretty sure that said yahoo currently has a Photoshopped pic of President Obama with a bone in his nose, tacked to the bulletin board in his den, which, he thinks, is hilarious! And, The Blog thinks that this guy is a fucking moron.

But, he probably thinks that the American-Cuban Rubio is the second coming.

*End Digression*

So Marco Rubio gave his little response.

Probably the kick-off speech of his 2016 primary campaign.

And what a speech it was.

A series of straw-man arguments broken up by trips through the looking-glass.

Really. It all sounded great. If it had, actually had any grounding in reality.

But, his base will not actually fact-check any of what he had to say.

Because that would take actual effort.

There was a time when seeing the world through rose colored glasses was the purview of idealistic, hippy freaks.

Not anymore.

A world where unicorns fart glitter is now the domain of the disconnected Republican party.

Was spewing shit difficult for "The Savior of the Republican Party?"

The Blog actually watched him struggle with his drier and drier mouth. At one point he actually, I don't know, grabbed his tongue? When he ducked out of the camera range to grab the water bottle, The PC actually went, "YES!"

(The Blog just used the word "actually" too many times here. But, fuck it.)

The Blog has not yet seen Rand Paul's Tea Party response.

"Tea Party." A group so ignorant that they don't know the history of the movement that they named themselves after.


Little guys (small businesses) being taxed out the ass, while the world's first multinational corporation was given tax breaks, by the government of England, to give them a profit advantage.


Oh! One more thing.

The numbers came out today.

How you like us now, Bitches?

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