Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Gun Shop...

Today, The Huffington Post shared this story...

Online Gun Retailer Labels Obama The 'Greatest Gun Salesman In America'

The following is a true story...

About a year ago, The Blog was sent to a popular Los Angeles "gun club" to work on a television location shoot.

Now maybe The PC was naive about such things, In his mind, he imagined a large location somewhere in one of L.A.'s more rural outer edges. A place with dark, polished woodwork, leather wing-back chairs, walls adorned with paintings of ducks, foxes and horses and a firing range out back. What he found was a dank, industrial hole in the wall with aluminum benches and tables lined up on a concrete floor, walls adorned with posters of Chuck Norris, Sly Stallone and a few scantily clad babes wielding semi-automatic weapons. The room echoed with the blasts of the guns being unloaded into paper targets in a tight, glass enclosed range. And, oh yes, display cases of various models of handguns and ammo for sale. Not a "club" in The Blog's opinion. A "shop." And not a very nice one.

Behind the sales area, a selection of paper targets were offered for sale. 75¢ would buy you a classic "bulls-eye" target or the sort of humanoid line drawing target one sees on cop show gun ranges. But, for an extra quarter, you could upgrade to several fascinating designs! There was the "Muslim Terrorist" holding a bomb. The "Latino Gang Banger" with a weapon not unlike ones held by the babes in the posters and the "Black Thug" with a knife. And, for a buck fifty, a similar "Black Thug" threatening a blonde, white woman, with a similar knife.

Surely, this white liberal is reading too much into this!.... Right?

Looking around, The Blog noticed photocopied fliers posted on bulletin boards and on the doors all around the room. The fliers urged the "club's" "members" to "stock up on guns and, especially, ammo NOW! Before THEY take away your GOD given right to buy them!!!!!!!!!"


The Second Amendment is "decided law." A done deal. The Supreme Court has weighed in. But never mind that. THEY are coming for your guns!

The Blog (and anyone paying attention) knows that the NRA is one of the most powerful lobbies in the U.S. and they have, for decades, held Congress (Republicans and Democrats) in their pockets. The President has not uttered a word on the subject of guns or gun control. Not during his campaign, not while he has been in office. And, in the last few years, gun laws in many states have relaxed to ridiculous levels. (Guns in church? Check. On college campuses? Check. Campaign stops and political rallies? Check. Check.)

So, your ol' Uncle PC sauntered over to the counter and struck up a conversation with the "club's" owner. "I see the fliers you have posted. Pretty scary stuff!" The owner squints and says, "Yup."

"I'm  not really up on this stuff," The PC lies. "Who is it, exactly, that wants to take away my precious Second Amendment Rights?"

The owner pulls himself up to his full 5'6" in height and baring his six teeth, proudly hisses, "The nigger in the White House."

Racist? The Curmudgeon reports, you decide.

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