Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Davy Jones -- 12/30/1945 - 2/29/2012

One of the best things about working in television is that, every now and then, The Blog gets to spend time with people that he admired in his youth. Even better is when the person turns out to be every bit as cool as the young Bloglitt had always hoped.

I had the pleasure of spending a morning with Davy Jones less than a year ago. He was warm, good humored and self-effacing (and yes, short.) He seemed to genuinely appreciate all of the good that had come from his "little bit of fame."  At the end of the day, he made all of us feel like we had made a new old friend.

Mrs. Blog and I got to see Davy perform with The Monkees at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles back in 1986. By some strange stroke of luck, we had front row center seats.  At the time, Mrs. Blog was seven months pregnant with The Blog, Jr. We had been under some stress because we had not felt the little guy (Blog, Jr. not Davy) move in several days. But, when The Monkees took the stage, he began rocking out, letting us know that he was okay. When I met Davy, I told him that story. Davy remembered that show and told me that, two days before that concert, one of his horses had stepped on his foot and he did that show with a broken ankle. (A brief digression, that show was also notable because the famously reclusive and agoraphobic Michael Nesmith joined the rest of the group for the encore.) We have seen them perform several times since then. Most recently, once again at The Greek, just last fall. Davy was scheduled to perform his solo act in nearby La Mirada a couple of weeks from now.

My condolences go out to his daughters and his lovely wife, Jessica.

Rest in peace, Davy. There is an empty space in the world now, and it is much larger than your 5'3" frame. You will be greatly missed.

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