Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston Update

The Blog had planned to post an update, tonight, regarding the Boston Marathon bombing.

There hasn't been much progress as far as "who, what or why."

In last night's post, The PC expressed some doubt about several of the things being reported yesterday.

As it turns out, The PC's skepticism has been vindicated.

The JFK Library fire was a coincidence, unrelated to the marathon explosions.

There were no unexploded devices found.

The Saudi "person of interest" has been cleared of any suspicion.

I wanted to write a witty and verbose commentary on that.

But, since The Blog is one of the lazy, entitled, liberal elitists who is getting a large refund on his taxes and must, therefore, be a "taker..."

I will turn the heavy lifting over to a pundit who is smarter, funnier and, at the risk of being branded shallow and sexist, much better looking than The Blog.

 Here is how John Fugelsang did my job for me.

Thanks John!


While The Blog considers vigilante justice best kept within the confines of fiction, I admit that I consider the "hacktivist" organization "Anonymous" to be true heroes.

"Anonymous" has vowed to go after the inbred hate cult known as the Westboro Baptist Church if they go ahead with their plan to bring their vile brand of hate vomit to the funerals of the victims of the bombing.

Go "Anonymous!"

Just a side note to "Anonymous."

The Blog was a fan of Alan Moore's graphic novel "V for Vendetta" before it was cool.

That said, I think, under the circumstances, it's time to dispense with the Guy Fawkes masks.

Guy Fawkes is a symbol of violent, and literally, explosive revolution.

Maybe not the best image to put out there, right now.

May I, humbly, suggest that you switch to...

                                                                         Blank Masks

                                                                       Morph Suits
Or, perhaps...

                                                             The Blue Man Group
Because who doesn't love them?

The PC is just spit balling here.


The PC just realized that this post is dangerously close to becoming too positively warm and fuzzy.

We can't let that happen.

So, allow me to add one more ass-wipe, shit-head to last night's list of crisis whores...

Tonight, giant, talking penis, Sean Hannity, contributed this bit of "humor" regarding the Boston tragedy...

Bombing footage edited into a movie trailer.

Funny stuff. No?


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