Sunday, April 28, 2013

Presidential Libraries Pt. 2

Just a couple more things about Presidential Libraries and then I will move on...

First, The PC has learned, since last night, that there are only 13 presidential libraries in America, making the practice a relatively recent phenomenon.

The aforementioned Mt. Vernon and Monticello don't actually count.

So, if you are looking for the James K. Polk Presidential Library or the Howard Taft Library, never mind. They don't exist.

*But, how cool would it be if there was a Taft Library that featured the bathtub that the rotund president once got stuck in?*

People smarter and funnier than The Blog have chimed in with things that The PC wishes he had said.

Like David Letterman...

"There is a room dedicated to 'weapons of mass destruction.' But, no one can find it."

Stephen Colbert...

"The GWB Library opened today. Except for the history section. It's still being rewritten."

And this...

Finally, a word or two about the library docents.

These tour guides and information "go to" folks are volunteers and, God bless 'em, true believers, every one.

Ask one an uncomfortable question, as your Uncle PC did at the Reagan library.

"I don't see any reference to Jane Wyman," I said. "And, no acknowledgment of Patti or Ron Jr. What's up with that?"

The poor, unsuspecting docent's eyes darted, searching for the nearest exit.

She hemmed and hawed and gave some sort of bullshit non-answer.

I let her off the hook and didn't press her for a real answer.

I felt kind of bad for her.

I am such an asshole! How do I sleep at night?

The Blog had a flashback to a visit to a Russian history museum in Moscow.

As a tour guide showed us around a room dedicated to the life of Catherine the Great, some wit, (I'm pretty sure it wasn't me, but it was a long time ago, so it might have been,) asked the one question that the exhibit did not address.

"How did Catherine die?"

The guide, with a facial expression that implied that she had never been asked that before, (the same expression that the Reagan Library docent would show me a couple of years later,) ignored the question and moved us on to the next room.

In case you are not up on Russian lore, legend has it, (it may or may not be true, we sure didn't get an answer at that Russian history museum,) that Catherine the Great died, (how do I put this gently?) under a stallion.

If you know what I'm saying, and I think you do.

Enough about presidential libraries and Russian history.

Next up, with any luck, some thoughts about The Blog's favorite television shows.

(Yes, including "Once Upon a Time.")

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