Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's Tax Time

This weekend, The Blog will meet with his tax guy, and figure out what he does or does not owe the federal and state government in income tax.

Past experience suggests that he will get a refund from the feds that will pay his county property tax.

And, he will probably owe The State of California a couple hundred dollars.

The fact is, The PC's federal taxes are the lowest that they have been in his lifetime.  And so are yours.

His State and Local taxes may be higher, because those costs are no longer being funded by the Federal income tax.

So, fuck you very much, Republican, Libertarian, Tea Partiers.

Your bullshit, victimhood ideology serves only the 1% that you believe you are a part of, but will never be.

My taxes are the least of my financial worries.

My family's medical bills, my mortgage and my other bills dwarf my tax bill.

If you owe the IRS a bunch of money, that is your own fucking fault.

Take some of that "personal responsibility" that you are so into.

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