Thursday, April 18, 2013

Random Stuff and a Respite

The Blog promised, two posts ago, that he will refrain from further comment about the Boston bombing until our journalists (and The Blog is using that term loosely) get their shit together and start behaving like journalists rather than the neighborhood gossip mongers.

Okay, maybe those were not exactly the words The Blog used two posts ago. But, it is what he was thinking at the time. And in light of today's journalistic cluster fuck, I am typing them, out loud, now.

Walter, Chet and David are spinning in their graves.

So on to other things...


Today, all of our Senate Republicans and four Democrats proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they do not represent the interests of "We the People" who elected them, but rather, they represent the monied lobbyists and the corporate interests who fund them.

90% of Americans support universal background checks for gun sales.

90% of Democratic Senators voted in favor of universal background checks for gun sales.

90% of Republican Senators (and four Democrats) voted against universal background checks for gun sales.

And, thanks to the Congressional new math, a simple majority is no longer a majority.

Baffling, infuriating and shameful.

And boy oh boy was the President pissed!

As well he should be.

You can watch his response to today's vote here.

The PC will admit that he was a bit distracted by VP Biden's Grumpy Cat impression.

The PC doesn't do the Twitter thing.

And, it's been several hours since he checked Facebook.

I'm wondering how many minutes it took for the right-wing blowhards to call the President's righteous anger a "temper tantrum."


But, enough disgust for tonight.

Let's all take a deep breath and watch something pretty awesome.

Enjoy with me now, the a cappella voices of Pentatonix as they take us on a journey through the evolution of music.

Posting may be sporadic for the next couple of nights.

The PC is wrapping two shows for the season and gearing up for a new one, this week, so yeah.

Maybe something this weekend.

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