Friday, April 5, 2013

Roger Ebert, 1943-2013

A few posts ago, The PC shared a link to some of Roger Ebert's most entertaining movie reviews.

About 24 hours ago, the news broke that Roger's cancer had returned. And less than 18 hours later, his death from that cancer was announced.

This is the third person that The Blog has been "friended" with on Facebook that has passed away in the last year or so.

Which is weird and uncomfortable.

What do I do with a Facebook friend who is no longer with us? Do I leave it alone, in memoriam, or do I delete?

For now, I guess, I will let it be.

Back in the late 1970s, The young PC spent some time as a contributing movie reviewer to his local newspaper. Roger Ebert and his partner Gene Siskel were his mentors and muses.

Roger was the first movie critic, ever, to receive a Pulitzer Prize.

Last night, The Blog's friend John Fugelsang delivered a tribute to Roger that I can not improve on.

Watch it here...

RIP, Roger Ebert. You will be very much missed!

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