Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Diverse Face of Conservatism?

Okay, The Blog has spent days trying to break this graphic down, picture by picture.

Do you know what?

The PC is disgusted and exhausted and just can't do it.

So the moron who put this graphic together is "100% disgusted with the media attempting to 'falsely' characterize conservatives?"


You win.

You are not all "old, white men."

55 faces and names.

And not all are old or white or male.

You've got some broads, some negroes, some chinks, one or two jews and a few wetbacks.

Good for you!

But, do you get what they all have in common?

They are all xenophobic, homophobic, islamophobic, government hating, fear mongering bigots.

Every last one of them.

And, when you eliminate the handful of these government haters who are, actually, elected or appointed government members, the ones who are left are...

...members of "the media."

And, every one of them, while calling themselves "patriots," hate America and everything that America stands for.

So, no.

Skin color, gender and religion aside...

Conservative diversity is, at best, an illusion.

But, more accurately, a lie.


  1. Wow... they even include a dead guy. Now that's diversity! And the only thing that makes me cringe more than cons trying to prove that they're not racist/sexist/homophobic/etc. by dragging out the latest flavor-of-the-month token representative of whichever group in question, pointing, and saying "see, here's a black/hispanic/gay guy/woman... we're not racist/sexist/homophobic!" is how DESPERATE they look when they scramble for celeb cons to point to to try and score coolness points. For anyone who doesn't see this, just picture a liberal version of this pic and some of the examples of the talented, free-thinking, outspoken folks who happen to be famous and compare them to the Northern Exposure lady (or was it Twin Peaks?), the Nuge (America's favorite gun-toting pedophile draft dodger who hasn't had a hit song in decades), and the blonde from SNL (or was it Mad TV?). Once you've done this... cringe. It's the only natural reaction. They're better off just owning the fact that they're a bunch of intolerant old white guys. It's very hard to make desperate look fabulous. BTW, I've posted previously under the name Vamonos Pest, but I screwed up that account, so now here's this one. I've been reading since I stumbled upon your blog (Kathleen O Wilhem sent me... lol... she's a FANTASTIC mess!). Anyhow, thanks for sharing. It's given me some hope that the world might be a little saner than I thought it was. Have a good one.

    1. Hi there, Joe! I think that I welcomed you aboard under your old nom-de-blog, but, welcome again!

      Allow me to step out of character for a moment and say a couple of things...

      First, I am thrilled to have a commenter, here, that is not related to me!

      Second, when I started this blog, I expected it to entertain, literally, four or five of my friends. I never expected so many readers from all over the world that my stats reports tell me I have! I am amazed every night, when I check in!

      And Third, Even though I did not really expect a large following, I entertained the fantasy that I would, one day, attract readers and commenters who are as smart and funny as the people who follow my blogging heroes like Dave Barry and The Rude Pundit.

      As I tried to break down the "diversity" post, face by face, I was feeling my will to live draining away.

      I threw in the towel and took the lazy way out.

      You, my new friend, nailed it! You boiled it down to, in simple terms, exactly what I wanted to say.

      Andrew Breitbart, the dead guy. (Have you read my archived posts. I wrote a scathing eulogy in honor of that shit stain!)

      Janine Turner (Yes, from Northern Exposure) and Victoria Jackson (Yes, from SNL.) As Alex Trebek would say, "It's best to go with your first instinct."

      You have thanked me for giving you some hope. You have done the same for me, so I thank you, right back at you!