Thursday, April 18, 2013

This Just In...

A fertilizer plant near Waco, Texas has exploded, killing somewhere near 100 people.

Read the story here.

Just awful.

But, in an attempt to beat the conspiracy crazies to the punch, (and staying awake for another 20 minutes when The Blog should be in bed and asleep,) let me just say this...

A fertilizer factory is, basically, a bomb in a building.

Timothy McVeigh packed a UHaul truck with fertilizer and destroyed a building with it.

The Blog is sure that, by morning, Alex Jones will have some sort of paranoid, freak show theory about this.

Sorry, but no.

Fertilizer plants are dangerous, volatile places.

The question isn't, "How did this happen?"

The question is, "How has this not happened more than it has?"

So, chill out people.

This was an industrial accident.

Not a terrorist attack.

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