Friday, April 5, 2013

True Religion

The PC is still working on breaking down the craziness that is the "GOP Diversity" post that has him so very entertained. As I predicted, it's going to take several days before it is "Blog Ready."

In the meantime...

A story about a billboard.

There is a small billboard at a major intersection, about two blocks from The Blog's house.

Two weeks ago, said billboard began sporting a new ad.


Now, religious billboards are nothing new.

We see them all the time, in the greater Los Angeles area.

You have probably seen them in your part of the country.

                                                               Remember this one?

It was one in a series of ads paid for by a group calling itself the "GodSpeaks" campaign.

A bit presumptuous, IMO, but often witty and entertaining.

                                                        And of course there was this...

But, back to the billboard in my neighborhood this last few weeks.

It was just downright odd.

Kitschy at best.

Tacky even.

It resembles a religious tract. The sort that some church's members stick in your screen door while you are at work.


Back in the day, some fundamentalist, evangelical church used to leave their tracts, little comic books describing, in gruesome, illustrated, eight page, detail, the evils of everything from abortion to Ouija Boards, in the lounges of the young PC's community college.

I had made quite an extensive and hilarious collection of them.

I wish I knew whatever became of them.

*End Digression*


This billboard caught your Uncle PC's eye and piqued his interest enough to pull out his crap-cam and snap a pic of it, for some future blog post.

And here it is!

Even Mrs.Blog noticed a few days later and wondered out loud, "Who do you think paid to put that ad up there?"

The Blog shrugged, "Dunno."

My best guess was that it may have been the work of the Seventh Day Adventists across the street.

Yesterday, The PC noticed that the "God" ad was gone.

                                                                Replaced with this...

An ad for "True Religion" Jeans.

Which raises several questions.

The first...

"True Religion Jeans are still a thing?"

Followed by...

"Was the previous billboard a really weird teaser for this one? Or, just a really bizarre coincidence?"

If you have followed this blog for any length of time, or if you know The PC personally, you know that I am a militant atheist.

And, in spite of that fact, The Blog feels like, if this was just a two week teaser for an ad for a clothing company that has not been relevant in nearly a decade...

"Ick! Just, seriously, ick!"


The Blog spent some 15 minutes on Google trying to find out the answer to this. But, so far, I've got nothing. 

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