Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sketchy Easter Bunnies

Did you all have a good Easter?

Did you feast on eggs and chocolate and ham?

The Blog did.

A question crossed The PC's mind, last night, as he was digesting his Easter meal...

Why do we insist on eating ham at Easter?

Is it some sort of "in your face" directed at our Jewish brethren?

I'm just thinkin'.

But on to another thing Easter, before we move on to, what, Memorial Day?

The Easter Bunny.

Or, to be more specific, people in Easter Bunny costumes.

About two weeks ago, The PC entered his local Walgreens store, (One of them, anyway. At this point, Walgreens is more ubiquitous than Starbucks,) and was accosted by some poor employee wearing an Easter Bunny costume.


Leaving The Blog to wonder if Walgreens carried underwear.

They don't.

Stores and malls have always relied on Santas at Christmas. But, no matter how hard they try, making the Easter Bunny a thing has never, really worked.

Easter bunnies strike The Blog as inherently creepy.

The Blog can't quite put a finger on it, but, thanks to the magic that is the internet, he now knows that he is not alone.

Here are a whole crap load of Easter Bunnies that are just not right....

                                                                       Alien Bunny
                                                          Eyes as black as the abyss.
                                                      Bleached Chewbacca moonlights.
                                                        Go home, Bunny. You're drunk!
                                   Grumpy Cat disguised as a bunny. Prepares to eat puppy.
                                                    These eyes are the windows to Hell!
                                                              I know where you live.
                                                                   This is just wrong.
                                                       The shoulder is the tastiest part.
                                                 Didn't wear a mask, to be less creepy.
                                                            Hoppy McJunkPants.
                                                       Take her! Just stop looking at us!
                                                                    Tripping balls.
                                                    This one is mine! BWAHAHAHA!!!
                                                                 Nom, nom, nom, nom.
                                               A "Peep" bunny being hit by microwaves.
                                                    The opening scene from a very illegal
                                                                  video I once saw.
                                                           This photo accompanied
                                                                 a ransom demand.
                                                        For those who like their freaky
                                                               bunnies more realistic.
                                   This bunny looks as stoned as the guy inside the costume.
                                "Yeah, everything is all cool here. Thumbs up. (Help me!)"
                                                               The bunny is melting
                                                               and I can hear colors.
                                               "Easter Bunny, my ass! I watch 'Grimm!"
                                                         "Donnie Darko" as a baby.
                                                          "Donnie Darko" is a pussy.
                                                         He got nothing on this freak!

At this point, in my attempt to find some sort of "pallet cleanser," The PC wanted to post a photo of a classic, 1960s Playboy Club Bunny.

You would be amazed at how impossible it is to fine one of those pics!

So, instead, The PC will share this...

The second most awkward moment in "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In" history.

(After Richard M. Nixon's "Sock-It-To-Me" moment.)

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