Saturday, April 20, 2013



Am I right?


Or, as the always hilarious "The Onion" put it...

"Jesus! This Week!"

As the freakiest week we have seen in a long time winds up with an even freakier day, The Blog will continue with his promise to stay quiet about the Boston bombings until the shit-storm settles. (If, even then.)

Except for a couple of quick things.

A couple of posts back, The PC admitted that he is not on Twitter.

The Blog has no facts to back this up, but he may be the last person on Earth who is not on Twitter.

Just not that interested.

I just don't care about the philosophy of Ashton Kutcher, Justin Beiber or (insert celebrity name here) in 140 characters or less.

And the people whose thoughts I do care about manage to get shared on Facebook, other internet sources or, the old fashioned way, in person.

And the gods know that your Uncle PC gets himself into enough trouble on Facebook and here on the blog where he has time to proofread, edit, rewrite and think twice about sharing what is on his mind.

Twitter could be seriously dangerous to my well being.

But, after today, The Blog is starting to rethink the whole Twitter thing.

Maybe The PC should get on board.

And, instead of following the folks that he likes and respects, he should follow the bag of dicks that spent today twitting their bat-twittery in the wake of today's events.

The Blog would never run out of material to comment on.

For example...

                                                     Who remembers Chuck Woolery?
If you do, congratulations!

You are old.

Chuck was an iconic gameshow Scaramouch way back in the 1960s and '70s.

Chuck was rendered irrelevant to pop culture by Pat Sajak  (which is saying something) when Chuck went all Kirk Cameron and dropped out of the societal faction that most of us call "sane."

Chuck reacted to the Boston Marathon bombing by taking to Twitter and plagiarizing noted deep thinker Ann Coulter.

A tip 'o the hat to Woolery's followers Chest Strongwell and Will McAvoy for taking the time to "dispute that."

(And another "Thanks" to Chest Strongwell for providing this image of the tweets!)

Then there was Senator Lindsey Graham who demonstrated, in 140 character or less, his inability to grasp the Constitutional law that he claims to champion.

Note to Senator Graham...

The alleged bomber is an American citizen who has the right of "Due Process."

So, put your iPhone™ away, and shut the fuck up.

But, here is the tweet that got The Blog's blood boiling...

Rep. Nate Bell (R-AR) spewed this at 7:25 this morning...

The blow-back from this tweet has been huge.

Critics have pounded the "gentleman" from Arkansas for his insensitivity under the circumstances.

And rightly so.

But, The PC has a response to Rep. Bell that The Blog has not seen anywhere else.

Since The Blog cannot respond in 140 characters, on Twitter, he will do it here and hope that someone on his staff is tasked with the job of checking Google alerts for any references to Representative Nate Bell, and will pass the message on..

@NateBell4AR, Hey #Dickweed! I'll tell you how many liberals (Boston or otherwise) spent the night cowering and wishing for an AR-15 with a hi-capacity [sic] magazine.


Liberals don't cower, #asshole.

Liberals don't live in the dystopian world of fear that #gunfetishizing, #nimrods like you live in.

We live in a world where our taxes pay for highly trained, unionized law enforcement  members do their jobs and protect us.

Successfully, it turns out.

That is all.

Do you see why I'm not cut out for Twitter? 


Oh, one more thing....

As I posted the other night, the fertilizer factory explosion in West, Texas, outside of Waco, was horrific.

The result of poorly regulated oversight by the state of Texas.

As a result, Governor Rick Perry (who has been in favor of succession from the U.S.) and Senator Ted Cruz (who stood, bravely, against federal help for the victims of super-storm Sandy) have begged the federal government for help and praised their new BFF, President Obama, for coming to the aid of their state.

Perry and Cruz.

Hypocrites, or douchebag, asshole hypocrites?

The Blog reports.

You decide.


  1. douchbag, asshole hypocrites

    just because it's closer to the 140 character limit

  2. Yeah, I'm not on Twitter either. Love your response to Nate Bell, yay PC!