Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bonus Post!

A couple of posts ago, The Blog said that the TV show "Psych" was one of the few shows that still has a good, old fashioned theme song.

By making that comment, The PC unfairly ignored another great television show that has an awesome, iPod™ worthy theme song.

About a decade ago, The Blog had the pleasure of attending the Spike TV "up front" in NYC.

The "up front" featured the cast of The PC's own show "VIP" and a musical performance by The Barenaked Ladies, performing their mega-hit, "One Week."

Call them a "one hit wonder" if you must.

But, a few years later, The Barenaked Ladies were tapped by Chuck Lorre to write and perform the theme song for the best sitcom on TV today.

The Big Bang Theory.

Enjoy this performance at the 2011 ComicCon.

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