Sunday, May 19, 2013

When Dogs are Outlawed...

It arrived in today's mail. As it does, at this time, every year.

The oppressive, freedom hating, over-reaching gu'mint demand that The PC...

*dramatic pause*

... register his dog.

Which inspired the following graphic, which The Blog hopes that his blogglitts will steal and share, making your Uncle PC's beagle/Jack Russell mix, (Bussell?) Lady Guinevere, aka: Jenny, the next Facebook meme and the biggest thing since Grumpy Cat.

The Blog hears you.

You are saying, "Okay, we get it. You're making fun of the gun nuts, here. But, the Second Ammendment guarantees the right to bare arms. The Constitution says nothing about dog ownership."

And, you would be correct.

But, The Declaration of Independence addresses the subject of "the pursuit of happiness."

And The PC maintains that the right to own a dog falls under that philosophy.

The Blog will reregister his beloved pup. As he does every year, without complaint.

Because it is good for society and good for Jenny.


On a vaguely related topic.

The PC received something else in today's mail.

His federal tax refund.


Bruce Tinsley and his asshole cartoon duck can kiss The Blog's flabby, white, liberal ass.

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  1. Is Jenny chipped? I bet you could do a riff on that "conspiracy."