Friday, May 10, 2013

Current Events... 05/10/13 (Edited and Updated)

Jodi Arias is guilty of first degree murder.

Just in case anyone gives a shit.

CNN and it's subsidiary HLN can now return to reporting actual news.

LOL... JK!

White "Christian" Buford Rogers and his daddy have been found to be plotting anti-American, terrorist attacks, with semi-automatic weapons and Molotov cocktails found in, to no one's surprise, their trailer home. 

Fox "News" ignores the story. Because the Rogers' pere et fils  are neither brown skinned nor Muslim.

South Carolina proves once and for all that the really don't give a fuck about "family values," "adultery," or taxpayer theft, as long as their candidate is a Republican.

Cleveland psycho pervert, Ariel Castro is charged with not enough charges of kidnaping and rape.

It will take a few days before the media gets past it's current 140 characters or less mentality and starts reporting actual facts.

The PC will comment, then. But not until then.

If anyone cares...

There are two sure-fire ways to end a conversation with The PC before it begins...

Start the conversation with, "Oh, you're a Virgo. That explains it." or...

...make any reference to Benghazi. 

Tomorrow night, one more post about Right-wing "Christian" victimhood.  Apropos the last few posts.

See you then. 

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