Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It Sure Ain't Easy


What does a blog have to say to be outrageous and offensive, anymore?

God knows The PC tries.

But, how can I write snarky, politically incorrect, satire when, less than 12 hours later, life (or some cold, soulless, animatronic, Republican simulation of life) imitates art (or whatever you want to call The Blog's self indulgent rants?)

Last night, The Blog predicted, in what he thought was a "too soon" politicization of
the Moore, OK tornado disaster, that Oklahoma Senators Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn, would exercise both their First and Second Ammendment rights and shoot themselves in the nuts, no matter how they responded to their home state's disaster.

The PC kind of felt bad about going there.

But, holy shit, today they both chimed in, each with their own unique view, and managed to remove the testicles from The Blog's biting sarcasm.

First off, Sen. Inhofe explains why aid to Moore will be "different" than aid to Sandy victims.

Watch his explanation here.

What does Sen. Inhofe mean by that?

Fucked if I know.

And then, there is Sen. Coburn's brave position.

A bit of background, before The PC shares a link to Coburn's comments...

Tom Coburn is a "lame duck" Senator. He will not be running for another term after his current stint is over.

That means, no matter what position he takes on aid to his constituents, he can't lose.

He could have said, "Fuck my Republican peers. Some people in my state need serious help, so call me a hypocrite, if you want to, but let's get this done."

He could have said that. But, he didn't.

Instead, he stuck to his ideological guns and pledged to deny his people aid unless it was offset by other federal spending cuts.

And, when Republicans talk about spending cuts, we all know what they are talking about.

Coburn is on board with helping the people of his state in the aftermath of a disaster, just as long as the people of his state (and the rest of America) give up healthcare and welfare to pay for that help.

Read about it here.

This officially makes Sen. Tom Coburn The PC's "Asshole of the Week."

But wait! There's more!

Because the Asshole of the Week is incapable of embarrassment or shame...

After critics slammed his despicable position, a press release from his office doubled down, without any awareness of the irony, called Coburn's critics "crass."

The Blog, last night, didn't bother predicting the response of the so-called "Christian Right," because...


It is just to damned predictable.

The Oklahoma tornado is the fault of Liberals and support for the gays.

The PC would link to those stories, but fuck it.

It's too easy to Google those stories.

Go find them yourselves.

Surprisingly, the right Rev. Pat Robertson has been pretty quiet in the last 24 hour news cycle.

But, he really doesn't have to check in.

Robertson, who, at this point, is one magic ring short of being Gollum...

...opened his chuckling pie hole about a year ago, regarding Oklahoma's last tornado.

So, I think we know where he stands.


Last night, The Blog made this comment about paranoid conspiracy theory panderer, Alex Jones.

"The Blog will not be surprised if, by this time tomorrow night, Alex Jones will have thrown the "false flag" flag, calling the Oklahoma tornado a government conspiracy to distract from... oh... whatever.

The PC just can't spend more than a few seconds in the dark place that is the mind of Alex Jones and his disciples without losing pieces of his soul."

                                               Because, "Government weather weapons."

Alex did not disappoint.

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