Saturday, May 11, 2013

Religion in America and "Reality" Television," Part Three of an Accidental Trilogy

First, a correction...

In "Part Two" of The Blog's series about "Christian victimhood," The Blog said that 70% of Americans identify themselves as Christians.

The Blog misspoke.

The number, as mentioned in "Part One" is 77%.

Three points short of 80%.

The Blog apologizes for the error.

Moving on...

Yesterday, even after "Part One" and "Part Two" were published, The PC's friend "T.J." whose earlier post helped inspire parts one and two, doubled down on the topic by sharing the following post on his Facebook page.

The PC isn't sure if his friend is serious, or, as a friend, wanted to give The Blog something easy to post about, or just wanted to make The Blog's head explode.

Whatever reason...

Mission accomplished.

Because, here is an easy blog post...



This post contains so many layers of wrong that The PC isn't sure where to start.

Just in case the graphic might be too small to read...

... Here is the text of that post...

"The Liberals and Atheists are given A&E alot of problems because of Duck Dynasty family dinner Prayer and the constant presence of guns. They want that part taken off the air. Well A&E went to PHIL and ask if they would not do that again. Phil Told them, "if we cant pray to God on the show, we will not do the show". He Said, "Guns and God are apart of our everyday lives and to remove either of the...m from the show is unacceptable" . Well A&E, do you want the #1 show on TV or you gonna cave in to those Liberals and Atheists ? I'm sure another channel will pick them up. Also Phil insisted that the show would air at 9PM central time so it would not conflict with the viewer's Wednesday Night Church Services. The contract was agreed upon and signed by A&E yesterday for another season and it will remain being produced according to Phil Robertson and on his terms."


Where to start?

Should The Blog begin by pointing out the fact that the party who posted the original post seems to be only semi-literate, his post rife with misspellings, bad punctuation, and mind-bogglingly bad grammar?

Or, should The PC point out that "Duck Dynasty," while very successful, is not the "#1 show on TV." It isn't even the #1 show on A&E.

Maybe The Blog should point out that there are two kinds of people who watch shows like this.

(The Blog is not just talking about "Duck Dynasty" here. Think, also, "Honey Boo-Boo," "Jersey Shore," or "The Real Housewives of Wherever," for example.)

There are those who relate to, or, "God help us," aspire to be like the characters on the show.

And then, there are those who watch these shows for the simple "freak show" aspect. (Yes, like it or not, a majority of the viewers of these shows are laughing at them. While the networks and the show's stars laugh all the way to the bank.)

Either way, The Blog guarantees that no liberal or atheist viewer has ever complained about prayer or guns on the show. And A&E would never ask them to stop it.

Not one.

That would defeat the whole purpose of the show's appeal.

There was only one thing that stood in the way of a contract renewal between A&E and the Robertson family.

And that one thing was...


And, more power to them.

"Duck Dynasty" is a successful show.

$200,000 per episode is not an unreasonable demand.

But, pretending to be victimized by liberals and atheists...?

That's just pandering bullshit. 

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  1. I'm very glad you mentioned the poor grammar of the original post. Content aside, such a poorly written paragraph is painful to read and - rightly or wrongly - reduces the poster's credibility.