Friday, May 24, 2013

KISS: For Your Entertainment (FYE)

Your old Uncle PC has spent the last 20 hours or so working with drag queens, trans-genders with beard stubble and crack-heads, so cut him some slack.

There will be nothing earth-shattering in tonight's post.

Last night, The Blog waxed poetic about his fave rock band, KISS.

In that post, he talked about the formerly lame disco classic, "I Was Made For Loving You," and it's epic redemption via the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra backing "The Hottest Band in the World."

So, because The Blog does not have a fuck to give, tonight, about anything that actually matters in the world...

The PC will fill tonight's post with a couple of video clips of a couple of his favorite KISS Symphony in Melbourne, Australia concert clips.

KISS and the orchestra cranks it up to eleven with the iconic...

Rock and Roll All Night

And two numbers from the inimitable Peter "Catman" Criss...

The original "power ballad"



The PCs all time favorite KISS song...

Black Diamond.

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