Monday, May 13, 2013

Random Videos and Sh!t

While The Blog gets his head wrapped around some of the steaming piles of politics being excreted in Washington...

Bullshit, pseudo-scandals like Benghazi and the IRS actually doing it's job.

The PC is going to chill out and share some random shit.

One of The Blog's favorite TV shows is the USA network's "Psych."

(Yes, I am talking about a favorite TV show, and I still haven't posted the long promised column about "Once Upon a Time." Because we are two episodes away from the season finale of "OUAT" and there is a bit of new news regarding a spin-off, that post will happen very soon. Just not tonight.)

But, "Psych."

Not only is "Psych" one of the most entertaining shows on television, it is one of the few shows that has an actual, old fashioned, theme song.

And, what a great song it is!

"I Know, You Know" was written and performed by "Psych" creator Steve Frank and his band, "The Friendly Indians."

The Blog's iPod™ is loaded with this great band's music. You can check them out at iTunes™ or, sample a fair amount of their stuff for free at their website.

But, in spite of the band's insistence that the "Psych" theme consists of one verse and a chorus, this YouTube™ video proves, once and for all, otherwise.

So, come on Steve Franks!

Do us die-hard "Psychos" a solid and make the full song available to us. Either through your website or on iTunes™. We'll take it, gratefully, for free. But, we will pay 99¢ for it, if we must.


The Blog said he would avoid politics, tonight.

He lied. Sort of.

Check out the latest from The PC's favorite political satirist, folk singer, Roy Zimmerman...

An ode to "fracking..."

"The Faucet's on Fire."


One last observation...

On the eve of the release of his latest novel, "Inferno..."

The PC has learned that author Dan Brown, the genius who gave us "The DaVinci Code," "Angels and Demons," and "The Last Symbol," is 48 years old.

That's five years younger than The Blog.

The Blog does not wish to seem bitter but...

Dan Brown = Punk Ass Bitch.

(Sorry. Just had to get that out of my system.)

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