Saturday, May 18, 2013


As the big three Obama scandals fold like so many, "Made in Bangladesh," cheap shirts...

The Right-Wing noise machine clings to one more argument, with the same, half hearted passion, that Kate Winslet held on to Leo Dicaprio with.

As the Benghazi, AP/ ATT, and IRS "scandals" sink like the Titanic, the TeaPublicans hold tight to the floating door frame that is...


Jesus Howard Fucking Christ!

Have the Republicans become this desperate?

Of course, they have.

Like the Republicans of the Clinton era, today's Repubs are going for the "kitchen sink" strategy.

The Repubs of the Clinton years tried, "drug smuggler," "murderer," "real estate swindler," and "rapist" without success.

Today's Repugs have tried, "Un-American," "Anti-Christian," "Socialist," (and here is where it becomes interestingly ironic) supporter of unconstitutional policies put in place by the GWB administration.

The difference?

The Clinton era Rethugs came across a dress that Clinton came across.

(Yes, The PC went there.)

As far as anyone knows, so far, Pres. Obama has managed to keep his, presumably, stereotypically, politically incorrect, gigantic Mandingo penis in his pants.

So sad for the Repubs Repugs Rethugs...


The Blog has used up every trite, shitty play on the Republican name.

So what should I call them now?

Oh! I've got it!

"Hypocritical, obstructionist, bullshit, tea-bagging, 'morans.'"

That works.

Whatever we call them, they have nothing left.

Except for a story about an umbrella. (As Casey Kasem might have dubbed it.)

We call a bunch of lions "a pride."

A bunch of owls, "a wisdom."

A bunch of geese, "a gaggle."

So, what should we call a bunch of internet memes?

The PC is thinking that we should call them...

                                                                  "A Takei of memes."

I like it.

Feel free to use it. No royalties will be charged

Here is a Takei of umbrella memes...

And, here is a blog post by a retired Marine that sums the whole thing up.

Moving on...

There was a time, in the not so distant past, that, in order to be on the radio, whether as a music disc jockey or a talking head, one had to have a license from the FCC.

Howard Stern has an FCC license.

For better or worse, so do Rick Dees and his punk-ass usurper Ryan Seacrest.

Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes, Thom Harman, Dr. Rachel Maddow and Ed Shultz...

FCC licensed.

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Glen Beck?

Not a single FCC license among them.

Regardless, (because "irregardless" is not a word,) they have radio shows.

And, in these modern times, any asshole with an opinion can have an internet "radio" show.

(Or, *ahem* a blog.)

                                               Which brings us to the topic of Pete Santilli.

"Radio host?" or "Internet radio host?"

Does the distinction matter?


Pete Santilli is a radio (or internet radio) host who fills the demographic void left by those who don't think that tin-foil hat, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is paranoid enough for.

                                                            Alex, "Tin-Foil Hat" Jones

Check out the batshit ravings of Pete Santilli. (Motto.. "Come for the fucktard anti-government rants. Stay for the misogynic, violent rhetoric."

Did you click on that link?

Did you get his wish to "shoot Hillary Clinton in the vagina?"

The PC only wishes that he was imaginative enough to make that shit up.

Yep. Any asshole dick-weed can have a talk show, these days.

On the radio or on the interwebs.

But, Santilli, (which is latin for "a tumorous scrotal cancer," ) isn't the only asshole to make such moronic statements.

Back in 2008, Michael Reagan, the result of the seminal discharge of former president Saint Ronnie  Reagan, made similar comments, regarding Muslim babies and their mothers.

Guns and vaginas were not involved.


Grenades, babies and rectums were the topic.

So, that was different then.

Or not.


The Blog is self aware enough to understand that he is a sick and twisted puppy.

But, the shit that comes from the far right, makes The PC throw up in his mouth, a little.

The PC wishes he was wrong, on the subject of Heaven and Hell.

Because a having faith that there is a special place in Hell for pustulant penises like Pete Santilli, Michael Reagan, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Glen Beck would make The Blog feel better about life, in general.

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