Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

The Blog stumbled across the following on the interwebs, today...

"This weekend we honor those who gave their lives in military service. Let's make it a priority to honor our commitments to the living veterans who have served us so bravely. A large percentage of the homeless are veterans ho haven't received the proper support promised to them."

I do not know who to attribute this to. If anyone knows who wrote this, please let us know in the comments section.

Memorial Day may not be the proper time for cynicism.

But, this blog is certainly the place for it. 

So, this Memorial Day, let us take some time to not only remember those who died defending our freedom, but also, those who died defending our corporate interests and our jingoistic ideologies.

Let us remember the "last man to die for a mistake."

And let's rally support for those who came home alive, if not in one piece.

The "wounded warriors."

Those wounded physically and emotionally.

Please take a moment to absorb the sentiments of the official political satirist, folk singer of the PC Blog...

                                                                     Roy Zimmerman.

We Americans think of Memorial Day as many things.

The unofficial first day of summer.

A day of nationalistic parades, fairs and carnivals.

Bar-B-Q Day.

But, Memorial Day is not a day of celebration.

It is a day of reflection and, well, memorials.

For our fallen solders, yes.

But also for our solders who are still standing.

So, how can we best support out troops?

Let's bring 'em home.

The President has done a good job of setting that action into motion.

But, enough fucking around.

It's time to kick into high gear.


Enough of the downer stuff.

The Blog wants to mark Memorial Day 2013 with some happy making stuff.

So, how about some uplifting reunion videos?

Have a Kleenex™ box of Kleenexes™ ready.

Reunion Video

Reunion Video: Dog Edition

And, just to finish it all off with a pure laugh...


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