Monday, May 6, 2013

Religion in America

Okay. The time has come for The Blog to offend some people.

Suck it up, my bloglitts.

You knew the job was dangerous when you took it.

America has no official religion.

That is a fact, so get over it.

America is, as we were taught in school, a "melting pot" of cultures and religions.

The Blog searched a number of polls and the pot melted down to this...

We have Hindus, Buddhists, (and, as The Blog's spell-check pointed out, nudists,) Wiccans and Satanists in numbers too small to make a blip in the margin of error in any poll.

0.8% of Americans identify as Muslim.

5% identify as Atheist.

According to one poll, 46% identify as Jewish.

And, according to the well respected Gallup poll...

77% of Americans identify as Christian.

*I know. I know. The math doesn't work out. These numbers were gleaned from a number of different sources, so, given margins of error, the numbers are a rough estimate.*

The PC's point is this...

Why is it that "Christians," regardless of how the other numbers shake down, being far and away the dominant majority religion in the United States, have taken to acting like a bunch of persecuted victims?

If their God is so omnipotent, why do they have to act like a bunch of mewling pussies?

Why do they think something like this...

is worth posting on the internets?

If your God is so powerfully awesome...

Why are you so afraid of me?

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  1. Can we just agree that you're talking about the extreme American right-wing, nutty, hurtful/hateful group that only CALL themselves Christians?

    I do not acknowledge their Christianity.

    And they're giving the rest of us a bad name (not to mention, but I will anyway, doing all THEY can to persecute their fellow human beings - perhaps for THAT they should be persecuted, but as we know, God is supposed to judge them, not us...yet another area they seem to not get about Christianity. Oh, that & the part about following Christ.)