Wednesday, May 15, 2013


No, not the TV show.

(But, made you look!)

I'm talking about the trifecta of phony outrage coming from the Republicans in Congress and the *snork* "liberal" mainstream media *snarf* (Wait! Give me a sec to stop choking on my scotch. "Liberal Media!" Jesus, people are gullible. Okay, I'm better now,) who are more than happy to report whatever shit is fed to them by their right-wing sources, without committing any actual journalism.

This week, Republicans, led by the GOP dominated House of "Representatives," have taken a page from the playbook of the Clinton era GOP House. Throw everything at the wall, (Clinton and his wife were accused of everything ranging from shady real estate dealings to drug smuggling, sexual harassment and rape and murder, until a DNA stained dress proving an Oval Office blow job, finally stuck... *Ew*)

Three, count 'em, three, scandals are now being "investigated" by Congress, insuring that, for the foreseeable future, our Republican leaders in Washington will not have to devote any energy to actually... you know... leading.

Let's break 'em down...

1.) Benghazi

Led by "The Gentleman from California," convicted car thief, suspected arsonist and all around pillar of Republican values, Congressman Darryl Issa, in an attempt to not only impugn the honesty of our president, but also to wage a preemptive war against a possible 2016 presidential candidate, has dredged up the subject of the September 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. Conciliate. The GOP claim of a cover-up was put to rest over six months ago.

But that inconvenient fact hasn't stopped the right-wing noise machine or the valiant protector of truth, Mr. Issa.

Rep. Issa assumes, probably correctly, that his GOP demographic has had it's collective head up it's ass since 09/12/12 and don't know that the facts are out there and have been for some time.

But, you say, (not YOU, actually, my blogglitts. The PC assumes that, if you are here, you are smarter than that,) "ABC News obtained emails proving a cover-up. If it's on ABC News, it must be true! Right?"

Well, no.

The "Benghazi Truthers" have become so desperate that they are now acting like a bunch of English majors (as if) and splitting hairs about the meaning of the words "Act of Terror" vs. "Terrorism."

Pretty pathetic.

2.) The IRS "Scandal"

Yep. This is outrageous. The IRS actually did it's job by vetting applicants for 501 (c) (4) tax exempt status. But, not as the uber-victims on the right would have us believe, but for all politically motivated "non-profit" organizations.

The real crime here is summed up by The Los Angeles Times Michael Hiltzik.

"At the moment, everyone is screaming about the 'scandal' of the Internal Revenue Service scrutinizing conservative non-profits before granting them tax-exempt status," writes Los Angeles Times Business columnist Michael Hiltzik.

"Here are the genuine scandals in this affair: Political organizations are being allowed to masquerade as charities to avoid taxes and keep their donors secret, and the IRS has allowed them to do this for years."

Got that?

Here is an explanation of how this works...

And, finally...

3.) The AP, ATT phone log scandal.

The most ridiculous, bullshit pseudo-scandal of all of them.

But, it's late. And The Blog has to be up in the morning to do his part as a member of the "liberal media" to make sure the general public gets their daily dose of "baby daddies, junkies, thieves and liars."

"Bread and Circuses," it's true.

The PC has to make a living.

The Blog hopes that his small contribution to critical thinking, here, balances things out.

So, more about #3 tomorrow.

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