Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Magic Christian and Other Farces

*Excerpted from Wikipedia*

The Magic Christian is a 1959 comic novel by American author Terry Southern. In 1969 the novel was made into a film starring Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr, by director Joseph McGrath, also titled The Magic Christian. The novel is also known for bringing Southern to the attention of Stanley Kubrick, who had received a copy as a gift from Peter Sellers, and subsequently hired him as co-writer for Dr. Strangelove when Kubrick decided to make it a comedy film.

Guy Grand is an odd billionaire who spends most of his time playing elaborate practical jokes on people. All his escapades are designed to prove his theory that everyone has their price.


Grand buys a huge downtown vacant lot in a major city. He then has a three foot brick wall built around the perimeter and fills it with feces and offal into which bills of all denominations have been mixed. He then takes pleasure watching immaculately dressed people defiling themselves by braving the stench, and ruining their clothing and dignity, by wading through the muck for the bills.

*End Excerpt*

"The Magic Christian" was published the year that The Blog was born.

Which is relevant to nothing, except...

 A.) It amuses The Blog and...

 B.) 54 years later, there is still a whole lot about the novel that is relevant in today's society. Maybe even more now than then.

Ten years later, the novel was adapted into a movie. It was only "so-so." Not as good as the book, (but, then, not many movies, with a few exceptions, [Ah! Now there is a post for a future day!] are.)

The movie starred Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr, and featured cameos by John Cleese, Raquel Welch, Christopher Lee, Richard Attenborough and Roman Polanski.

So, there's that.

The movie also featured, as it's theme song, performed by Badfinger and written and produced by Paul McCartney...

"Come and Get It."

The literal meaning of that popular song becomes horrifyingly clear, when put in the context of the story.

So, "Why?" You may ask, "does the PC bring this subject up?"

And The PC responds, "I can't say."

Not, "I don't know."

Rather, The PC, legally, "can't say."

But, "The Magic Christian" has been occupying the front of The Blog's mind for the last week or two.

In The Blog's very first post, he suggested that he might, occasionally, "bite the hand that feeds him."

Mark you calendar.

This is, officially, the first time that that hand has been bitten.

Sorry to be so cryptic.

But, The PC needs to keep his summer job.

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