Monday, February 24, 2014

Church Signs

You know 'em. You love 'em. You know you love 'em.

"Funny" church signs.

Your PC has been kicking around the idea of doing a post about the wit and wisdom of church marquees for a while.

"Casa de Blog" is surrounded by churches over a five block radius that seem to compete with each other for who can be more clever, every week.

When the young bloggling was growing up in the '60s and '70s, churches didn't do overt funny.


Oh, the future PC knew several Reverends that were pretty talented stand-up comics, who got their ya-yas out in many an entertaining sermon, Christmas pageant and summer camp.
 *Favorite Reverend quip, when someone would sneeze...

"God bless your nose. The rest of you can go to Hell."

I quote that guy to this day*
But, The Blog didn't encounter his first "funny" church sign until about 30 years ago, when he had moved to SoCal.

                                                     For a while, the signs were funny.

But, as time moved on, the quips became trite and cliché.

The once funny signs started to feel forced and tin-eared.

Like a bi-polar fashion model or an Asperger's science genius, or a self-absorbed jock...

                                               Or, the Sochi Winter Olympics Committee

Who will attempt an occasional "joke" to show that, they, also too, can be human and funny.

                                                                    "Heh, heh. Heey."

It was as if there was a book somewhere, entitled, "The Reverend Whizbang's Big Book of Church Signs."

Many of the witticisms hijack popular culture in an attempt to seem relevant.

They start to resemble the dad who does "The Macarena" at his kid's party, to prove that he is "hep" and "with it."

In recent years, scattered among the lame, repetitive "humor," the "wit" became more and more sanctimonious and abrasive.

Here is a bit of festive "wit" for the Holiday Season, that has become an annual tradition among the churches in my neighborhood.

Offensive, yes. But not as offensive as the bumper sticker philosophy that some church signs have adopted to wrap bigotry in sanctimony.

So why, you ask, am I posting about this now?

I'm glad you asked.

Tonight, one of the funny Reverends that I mentioned earlier posted a link on "The Book of Faces" via "The Gospel According to HuffPost..."

A hilarious song parody that sums up the whole church sign thing, perfectly.

Please enjoy...


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