Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Shia Labeouf: Performance Artist?

                                                What's up with Shia Labeouf, these days?

As the youthful star of the Disney Channel's "Even Stevens..."

The somewhat less youthful, but never-the-less young and charming star if the post-modern "Rear Window" take off, "

                             And a couple of crappy but highly profitable Michael Bay movies...

It seemed like Shia was on the verge of semi-greatness.

Maybe not the next George Clooney. But, at least, the next Ryan Reynolds.

But a few months ago, it all went south for Shia, when he was accused of plagiarizing the work of the semi-underground (in this day and age, is anyone truly "underground?") Daniel Clowes. 

Shia seemed contrite.

But, it didn't stop with an apology.

Shia announced that he was leaving the public eye.

                               At the premier of his latest movie, he put a bag over his head...

Because that makes sense.

And now, breaking news from Los Angeles...

Shia is doing some sort of artsy thing in L.A.

Some sort of "mental break-down as performance art."

Your Blog wants to go visit Shia's artsy installation.

He wants to look Shia straight into his brown bagged, watery eyes and whisper...

                                         "Joaquin Phoenix, dude. It's already been done."

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