Monday, February 10, 2014

Obligatory Beatles Post

I know, I know.

It's 2:00 AM on a work night.

And your PC is still up.

Truth be told, The Blog slept through most of the weekend, napping though Tivoed™ episodes of CSI and NCIS.

But, I did stay awake for CBS' tribute to the 50th anniversary of The Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.

It was star studded and pretty amazing.

Tom Hanks and his wife were in the front row.

Younger rockers, who weren't even born in 1964, paid their tributes.

Dave Grohl's pretty young daughter, pretty much, stole the whole show.

Yoko Ono rocked out to Ringo's solo performance in a way that almost made you forget that every Beatles fan ever hates her.

And, after decades, Paul and Ringo reunited for a couple of songs.

And, it's about damned time.

The young Blog was there, way back in 1964. In front of the TV, watching Ed Sullivan as we did every Sunday for the young Blog's entire youth.

Before The Beatles, The Blog had been exposed to puppeteers, magicians, comedians, mimes, and some guy who spun plates on sticks.

Every one of those weirdoes influenced The PC's future career.

But, that night, February 9th, 1964, the young bloggling got his first taste of rock and/or roll.

And from that night on, even though he never, seriously, imagined a life as a rock star...

Your Blog, to this day, maintains a rock and roll fantasy.

I sing in the shower, and in my car.

But, I get that, I will never be Sir Paul awesome.

I won't even be, ironically, Ringo.

(Even though some have suggested that I resemble Ringo,)

Your PC has had a career working with some seriously cool rock stars.

Tommy Lee, Slash, Duff McKagen, Stevie Wonder, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley. And the guys from Chicago.

I got, kind of stupid, the first time I met Gene Simmons.

I wonder what kind of star-stuck breakdown I would have, in the presence of Sir Paul.

Bottom line...

I was there 50 years ago.

And, like that 50 years ago, I was there tonight.

And, my eyes got a little bit wet.

Because, yeah, (yeah, yeah,) ...

We are talking about The Beatles, here.

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