Saturday, February 8, 2014

The thing I love most about Facebook...

When I post something, and a whole bunch of friends "like" the post.

And, I look at that list and think, "Damn! What a diverse bunch of people!"

TV actors, school teachers, mid-western housewives, retired porn stars, liberals and conservatives, family, friends, and friends of friends. Millionaires and working class folks. Playboy Playmates, "Survivor" winners and losers, journalists and pundits, doctors, consumer advocates and "Troubies." Reverends and atheists. Dr. Phil guests and Dr. Phil employees. High school friends, college friends, and new friends and friends of friends. 

People who, in real life, would probably never cross paths.

All gathered in one place.

All "liking" my post.

Isn't it incredible?

I love and cherish you all!

My crazy diverse family of friends.

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