Monday, February 3, 2014

I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing... *Bonus Post*

Hey all you tea-bagging, xenophobic, bigoted assholes!

While your heads explode over last night's multi-lingual rendition of "America the Beautiful" brought to you by Coca Cola...

Please allow The Blog to remind you of a couple of things.


"America the Beautiful" is not the national anthem.

                                                         You tea party, racist, "morans."

In fact, "America the Beautiful" was written by a lesbian.

                                                            Suck on that, you "patriots."

Back in 1971, Coca Cola produced an iconic commercial that was so popular that it became a radio hit and top selling record.

So, while this Blog supports Coke's new ad that pissed off more bigots than the Cheerios commercial did...

Your PC thinks that Coke missed an opportunity.

Just a modest proposal.

Maybe for next year. If not sooner.

Re-visit the iconic "hillside singers."

Gather a multi-cultural group of Americans together on that hillside.

And sing that song, again.

But, sing it in six different languages.

Because that would piss off so many Tealiban bigots.

And that would be worth every advertising dollar that you would spend.

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