Saturday, February 22, 2014

When the Hot Sauce Hit the Fan: Bonus Post

A couple of months ago, in the blood red, Orange County, city of Irwindale. CA...

Huy Fong Foods, the manufacturer of an Asian style hot sauce, made in the U.S.of A., came under fire from the local residents.

It seems that the manufacturer of the chile sauce known as Siracha™ was polluting the local air with the peppery by-products of their saucery.

The Republicans of Irwindale complained of watery eyes and burning sinuses.

Annoying, to be sure.

But, not toxic.

But, to hear the residents of Irwindale tell it, the annual, two months a year, irritation was as bad as... I don't know... a West Virginia coal company's dumping of corrosive chemicals into their water supply.

A judge ordered Huy Fong Foods to suspend production until the problem was fixed.

Blatant government intrusion into free market manufacturing.

The city of Philadelphia reached out to Huy Fong Foods, inviting them to move their plant to "The City of Brotherly Love."

Because, fuck their resident's sinuses.

But, miracle of miracles, Huy Fong Foods did the right thing.

They re-evaluaed their production procedures and upgraded their filtering systems.

Yesterday, Huy Fong Foods announced that the problem has been fixed. 

The "take home" is this...

Instead of acting like whiny victims of over-reaching government control...

Huy Fong Foods strapped on, fixed the problem and saved hundreds of SoCal jobs...

While enjoying a level of national publicity that their advertising budget could never buy.


Your Blog doesn't know if Huy Fong Foods is a publicly traded company.

But, if they are, I'm buying some stock. 

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