Monday, December 16, 2013

A Brian Griffin Update

A couple of post back, The Blog explained why "Family Guy" fans were wasting their feels, mourning the death of Brian Griffin.

"Because, he is a cartoon character."

Today, The Blog stands vindicated...

Thanks to the following Tweet™ from "Family Guy" creator, (and voice of Brian,) Seth McFarlane...

I won't say "I told you so."

Instead, I will quote Dr. Sheldon Cooper...

On the topic of real, Hollywood deaths...

R.I.P. Peter O'Toole (the mainstream actor with the best porn name, ever!) Joan Fontaine, Tom Laughflin, Al Goldstein, (The only person on this list that The PC knew, personally,) and Anne Francis.

So much for the "theory of threes."


At the time of this post, The Blog had flipped back and forth between the "Survivor" finale and "Psych: The Musical," and did not realize that the resurrection of Brian had already played out.

But, it did. And, that fact changes nothing about The Blog's comments on the subject.

Just thought I should mention it. 

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