Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Eve Eve

Check out that Santa!

That is Santa Tim Connaghan, the realest, real Santa that The Blog has ever known.

The PC has had the honor of working with him on several occasions.

He has been the "Hollywood Christmas Parade Santa" for many years.

He has appeared in numerous TV shows and commercials.

The PC gets the occasional voice mail from him. 
"Hi, PC! This is Santa Tim! I was just wondering what the name of that blush you put on me was. I need to get some of that!"
 The Blog may or may not believe in the Jesus.

But, Santa Claus is real.

He leaves messages on my phone on a regular basis.

And those messages are so much cooler than the ones from Pamela Anderson or Carmen Electra.

Moving on...


The lights are up on The House of Blog.

The brine for the turkey has been boiled.

The turkey hasn't been thawed, but I will get to that tomorrow.

Peeps be asking, "Are you ready for Christmas?"

The PC replies, "No, not by a long shot."

Last minute shopping will happen.

Gifts will be mailed and won't arrive until days after Christmas.

As a t-shirt Mrs. Blog gave me last year says, "If it wasn't for the last minute, I would get nothing done."


So, just in case The Blog doesn't get to it tomorrow night...

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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