Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Post That Has Nothing to do with Christmas

Cartoon characters die all the time.

It's what cartoon characters do.

There was a time that people understood that.

A week later, they are back. Alive as ever.

Because they are cartoon characters.

Back in the day, Daffy Duck got his beak shot to the other side of his head by Elmer Fudd on a regular basis.

Never mind that.

How about the time, (and, maybe, The Blog is dating himself here...)

That time that Daffy, dressed in devil horns and a cape, drank gasoline and swallowed a lit match.

Because, in those days, internal immolation was hilarious.

Because, we knew that he would be back next week, alive and well.

Because, he was a cartoon character.

Wyle E. Coyote had more lives than a cat.

Because, he was a cartoon character.

"South Park's" Kenny dies every damned week...

                                                     "You bastards! You killed Kenny!"

 Because, he was a cartoon character.

Some years ago, DC comics decided to kill off Superman. 

The Blog owns an actual copy of the Metropolis, IL newspaper, "The Daily Planet," that covered Superman's tragic death.

A year later, it turned out, the demise of Superman was greatly exaggerated.

Because, he was a cartoon character.

Sticking with a successful P.R. theme, DC comics crippled Batman.

A year later, Bruce Wayne enjoyed a miraculous recovery.

Because, he was a cartoon character.

Which brings us to the recent death, during the November ratings sweeps, of "The Family Guy's" most popular character...


The news upset more people than the deaths of Paul Walker and Nelson Mandela, combined.


Brian is returning to the living.

This news does not surprise this Blog.

Because, Brian is a cartoon character.

Coming back to life is what cartoon characters do.

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