Friday, December 27, 2013

The Last Christmas Post of 2013 (Probably)

The internet is chock full of awkward Christmas photos.

                                               This may be The Blog's most favorite, ever.

The truth is, awkward Christmas photos probably rank at #4 on a list of the reasons the internet exists.

Right below, porn, cute cat pics and...

                                                                       George Takei.

For example.

And, also, too.

But, this most recent, just past Christmas gave us one of the most awkward Christmas photos, ever.

                                                                 Feel for poor Molly.

From the look of this photo, Molly is the only member of her family who "gets' why the ever so awesome Christmas gift from her grandma and family is so mortifying.

If you don't get it,

"Google™" the term "Molly."

The Bible tells us, "Blessed are the tone deaf..."

Or some shit.

The Blog says, "Blessed is Molly. Her embarrassment made the world chuckle." 


Moving from awkward to awesome...

Thanks to The Huffington Post for sharing the video.

A family presents a puppy to their parents, for Christmas...

"Lion King" style.

If this doesn't give you feel's...

You are on the wrong blog. 


Not to throw a wet blanket on the above, emotionally moving share...


Do not ever, ever, never, drop a puppy, kitten, gerbil, or any other living creature on an unsuspecting recipient, as a "gift," unless you are 100 and 10% sure that the recipient will welcome the responsibility for that life.

Because, just don't.


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