Friday, December 13, 2013

Random S#!t: 12/13/13 Edition

The Blog hasn't posted in a couple of days.

Which, as has been discussed in this space before...

Is not healthy for a blog that wants to continue to attract regular readers.

Bottom line...

The PC is suffering from all sorts of fatigue.

Physical fatigue.

Mental fatigue.

"Compassion fatigue" (as my therapist friend calls it, and tells me that I should be suffering from, in spades.)

But, mostly, your Uncle PC is suffering from "War on Christmas" battle fatigue.

The stupid keeps coming faster than I can blog about it.

For example...

The Blog's favorite small town, right-wing blogger, Katherine O'Brien Wilhelm, has chimed in on the subject of the one holiday that glorifies the concept of "Peace on Earth. Goodwill toward all." 

I know, I know. The King James translation of The Bible says, "Peace on Earth. Goodwill toward MEN."

It's just us Godless, liberal, atheists that keep trying to make the Word of the Invisible Sky Wizard seem just a little bit less sexist.

C O'B W's latest blog tosses all of the predictable Christian Right talking points into a Palinesque word salad.

She just wants us non-Christians to understand that her holiday is an exclusive event and, while the rest of us can do what we want, Christmas is for Christians.

But, don't you dare say, "Happy Holidays!"

Then there is Fox "News" blonde, Megyn Kelly, the one that most of us non-Fox viewers look to for some actual "fair and balancedness."

Yes, yes. The Blog went out of his way to choose a photo from Ms. Kelly's recent "GQ" photo spread, rather than a more staid, professional journalist photo.

Because, as Mrs. Larry Flynt once said to Mr. Larry Flynt in your Blog's presence...
"Sex sells, you dummy!"
 Because Larry Flynt, also, doesn't know that water is wet and King Kong is a big monkey.

And, if Fox is okay with Megyn's super hot photos, who am I to object?

Anyway, what the fuck was I talking about?

Oh, yeah.

If you haven't seen one story or another on the internets in the past 24 hours about Ms. Kelly's assertion that both Jesus and Santa Claus are indisputably, historically, factually white men, then you probably do not have access to the internets.

(Which would mean that you are not reading this, right now.)

There has been so much commentary on this in the last day that The PC can add nothing else to the topic.

If you need to catch up, Google™ "Megyn Kelly white Santa Claus," and you will get something in the neighborhood of 63,000 results.

The Blog has no facts to back this up, but as far as you know, at this point, the Batman action figure collection behind The Blog's desk is currently covered with bits of flesh, bone and blood. The result of The Blog's head, actually, exploding.

So, I am not going to devote a single word about that, tonight.


Instead, tonight, how's about some Random Shit?


Have you seen this viral video?

Conan O'Brien (no relation to Ms. Wilhelm, as far as I know,) Kevin Hart, Ice Cube and a Lyft car are together, as you have always wanted them.

The PC has never used a Lyft car. It just seems a little bit weird.

Average folks and their personal cars as freelance taxis.

                                                            And that fluffy pink 'stache.

It's like Craig'sList on wheels.  (IYKWIM)

And, while I love Conan...

Is it just me?

                                                                         Or, is Conan...

20 minutes into the future...

                                                                      Max Headroom?

In entertainment news...

The Disney Channel has announced that it is casting for a new TV movie called...

The movie will follow the lives of the children of classic Disney villains.

Things have gotten weird at Disney and I'm okay with that.

(I will get to that "Once Upon a Time" post soon. Pinky swear.)


Kate Micucci.

Recurring roles on, not one, but two hit TV shows.

                                                                      "Raising Hope"

                                                               "The Big Bang Theory"

Half of the comedy/music team "Garfunkel and Oates."

Cuter than a puppy made out of kittens.

                                                                       Am I right?



Sarah Palin gold coins.

I am not making this up.

Christmas shopping....


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