Monday, December 23, 2013

Know Your Customer

Not 24 hours after pulling "Duck Dynasty" merch from their shelves...

In response to "Duck Dynasty" patriarch, Phil Robertson's homophobic and racist rant in a "GQ" article...

The mid-western restaurant chain, "Cracker Barrel" flip-flopped and put the "D.D." products back on the shelves of their restaurant's souvenir shops.

This Blog is not very surprised.

The #1 rule of business... "Know your customer."

A couple of years ago, I mentioned a story I had read about Diana Ross suing "Cracker Barrel" for bad service because she was black, with my friend and colleague, Annette, (an African-American woman who spent several years as Diana Ross' hairstylist, and describes her experience with Ms. Ross as "nightmarish.")

"What did she expect?" Annette asked. "From a restaurant called 'CRACKER Barrel?'"

Full disclosure... I love eating at Cracker Barrel. We don't have them in SoCal. When I visit Ohio, I make a point of going to one, at least, once while I am there. Their menu is chock full of, totally bad for you, comfort food. And I buy stuff from their gift shop, like a can of "Charles Chips" potato chips, That can is on a shelf in my kitchen, because, mid-western nostalgia.

But, supporting a racist and homophobic millionaire, phony reality star's hate speech?

As the kids say on the internets... "I has a sad."

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